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Whether this is your first STD testing experience, you are scheduling your annual preventative exam, or you fear an exposure during a recent sexual encounter may have left you at risk for infection, at SAFE Medical Centers, our sexual health counselors are both health professionals and compassionate listeners who strive to offer you an STD testing experience that minimizes your anxiety about your screening and results. Our business is built around easing the anxiety produced by the uncertainty of an STD test. By offering you free pre-testing and post-testing phone consultations, we hope to remove as much uncertainty from your experience as possible and help you make a more educated test selection. An informed patient will always be a healthier patient in the future.

SAFE Medical Centers partners with LabCorp in order to provide high quality, convenient STD testing nationwide. LabCorp offers local collection facilities and specimen testing. Running over one million tests on a daily basis, LabCorps has the necessary experience to offer the top quality exams and customer service that you deserve.

We thank you for your visit and if you have any questions or comments, we are at your disposal. Feel free to contact us at help@safemedicalcenters.com .

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