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SAFE Medical Centers offers the easiest STD testing experience in the industry. By choosing SAFE Medical Centers as your personal concierge for your STD testing services, you are guaranteed results in 2-4 business days and your identity will remain hidden throughout the testing process. Our STD testing centers only operate with priority rush diagnostic procedures and with the strictest confidentiality standards in the STD testing industry. Order your test today and relieve your anxiety by seizing control of your sexual health.

Without professional STD testing, you can never be certain of your sexual health. Most sexually transmitted diseases are silent killers, expressing themselves asymptomatically. In other words, you feel normal, look normal, and function normally, while the disease causes irreparable damage to your body. Thus, most infected individuals are completely unaware of their compromised sexual health. For sexually active individuals, the CDC recommends STD testing annually. Health risks are greatly lowered when diseases such as Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Herpes I & II, Hepatitis B & C, and/or HIV are detected by STD tests early. You can relieve yourself of anxiety by scheduling an STD test at one of our medical labs today.

One of the top reasons people report for not getting an STD test is that they are afraid of the results. With SAFE Medical Centers, the waiting period for STD test results is the shortest in the industry, and if you choose one of our STD testing panels, we even allow you to call in for the results of your individual tests as they arrive. Our sexual health counselors are experienced at handling the confidentiality and sensitivity necessary for these issues, and they will patiently answer all your questions and concerns no matter what your results.

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At SAFE Medical Centers, we can test you immediately for the following sexually transmitted diseases: HIV, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Herpes I & II, Hepatitis B & C, and Syphilis. Unless you have immediate concerns about an exposure to specific infections or STD’s, most of our patients prefer the peace of mind that comes with choosing our full STD testing panels. If your most recent sexual exposure is within the last six weeks, please call in and talk to our counselors about Early Detection Testing. With a recent exposure, special testing is required in order to accurately detect for the presence of viral or bacterial DNA rather than conventional testing, which checks for the presence of antibodies.

Our STD testing panels offer greater value and savings than our individual tests. Except for cases involving known exposure to a specific infection during a recent sexual encounter, we recommend having one of our sexual health counselors assist you in choosing the STD testing panel that best addresses your concerns as well as the risk factors associated with your sexual history since your last screening. Unlike Planned Parenthood or other discount STD testing services, we offer the full range of STD tests. At other testing centers, you will likely only get tested for Chlamydia/Gonorrhea and HIV, which is cost effective from a public health standpoint, but not appropriate for the individual concerned with confidently knowing the condition of their sexual health. We can bundle up to fourteen STD screening tests into one testing panel. Over 90% of our patients ultimately choose one of our STD Testing Panels as they offer the best value, savings, and peace of mind.

We have medical diagnostic laboratories nationwide that are available for same day appointments for STD tests. There is no need to worry about painful and uncomfortable swabbing. We employ more accurate state of the art diagnostic STD tests that use urine and blood samples. Upon visiting one of our private STD testing centers, you will be promptly brought into a private room where one of our registered nurses will collect your blood or urine samples. We are proud to have the shortest waiting times in the STD testing industry, with most of our clients reporting that their visit only lasted 15-20 minutes.

At SAFE Medical Centers, we employ registered nurses who are at your disposal to answer any questions about our STD testing procedures, your sexual health, or your STD test results. We understand that in the time before and after receiving your results, you may experience anxiety, but our goal is to do our very best to minimize your stress. Our mission is to offer STD tests, compassionate service, and sexual health recommendations according to the strictest CDC guidelines. Unlike other companies, we do not use high pressure sales tactics. We simply want to make sure that our clients choose the proper STD test for their circumstances. There is always an appropriate STD test for your circumstances; At SAFE Medical Centers, we will not sell you unnecessary STD testing services for the sole purpose of increasing our sales volume. Our number one concern is your sexual wellness.

After speaking with one of our sexual health counselors and purchasing a single STD test or a panel of STD tests, you can choose the location that you would like to visit in order to give a urine and/or blood sample. After 15-20 minutes, you will be out and back to your day. In 2-4 business days, we will have your results. After two days have passed, you can call in for the results of your STD tests. We can give you results as they come in, even if only one or a couple of your test results have arrived.

Experience the confidence and peace of mind that comes with taking responsibility for your sexual wellness and health. The guilt that comes with learning that you unknowingly transmitted a health threatening disease to a loved one can be tremendously difficult. You can prevent such a tragedy by taking charge of your health and making an appointment for an STD test or STD testing panel today. Protect your own health and those of your loved ones. Call and schedule your STD test today and receive your results in 24-72 hours.

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