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Immediate Satisfaction
We deliver the fastest service and results. No appointments are necessary and you can expect no wait time. Your visit to our testing center will take only 10-15 minutes. It is truly same day STD Testing and you will receive your results via e-mail within 48-72 hours.

Total Anonymity
You no longer have to stand in a public waiting line at a clinic and you can avoid your family doctor/general practitioner. We have partnered with the most experienced testing laboratories in the nation to ensure the quality of your results, as well as to protect your privacy. Additionally, our strict policy is to not release any information to your health insurance about your services or your results.

Complimentary Consultation
In the unfortunate instance that you test positive for an STD, we provide a free phone consultation with an expert registered nurse. Our medical professionals are hand-picked and trained to be sensitive and courteous as they answer any questions you may have about your test results. Our nurses will give you thorough instruction on your next steps and your best treatment options.

Convenience of Ordering
One of our professional sexual health counselors will answer all of your questions and help advise you as to which test(s) or testing panel is most appropriate for your circumstances. In this way, we hope to offer you a customer service experience that puts you in a position to make a confident decision to be responsible for your own sexual health and wellness. Additionally, we accept all major credit cards and the charge on your account will be inconspicuous. We also offer payment plans in order to help offset the financial discomfort of these sometimes unpredictable circumstances. Call 1-888-259-8244 now and speak to one of our sexual health counselors.

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